Overwatch Play Of The Game Ad Made For South Korean Presidential Candidate

That's one way to run a campaign.


Overwatch showed up in political ads for the first time last year, when a group run by Cards Against Humanity bought billboards to call Donald Trump a Hanzo main. But a South Korean presidential candidate has taken it one step further, creating a campaign ad in the style of a Play of the Game clip.

You can see the video below (via Kotaku). Sim Sang-Jung, the candidate, is shown debating other politicians and shutting them down. When the recipients of her rebuttals are rendered speechless, it reports these victories as "kills."

The video comes from what appears to be her official YouTube channel, although we haven't been able to confirm if her campaign is responsible for the video. She's currently running against several other candidates to take over from Park Geun-hye, who was impeached and removed from office on corruption charges. The presidential election will be held on May 9.

Since its launch last year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Overwatch has become something of a cultural force. In addition to being used in political ads in the United States and South Korea, Overwatch also has given rise to memes and viral stories, such as the girl who used "Hanzo main" as an insult in school.

Recently, publisher Activision announced that Overwatch became its eighth billion-dollar franchise, and it now boasts 30 million registered users.

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