Overwatch Gets New Hero Echo Next Week

The adaptable robot first teased alongside Ashe will join the live game soon, following her time on the Public Test Realm.


Overwatch is getting a new hero next week, and it marks the last one until the release of Overwatch 2. The adaptable robot Echo, who joined the Public Test Realm on PC in March, will be coming to the main game across PC, PS4, Xbox Onm and Nintendo Switch on April 14.

Echo is a Damage character, but she's built around the idea of versatility and able to adopt Tank and Support-like features on the fly. She's also one of the oldest characters, originally built for Blizzard's canceled project Titan which eventually became the foundation for Overwatch. Echo was first teased in the trailer that introduced Ashe, and it suggested the character had a long history with the Overwatch organization.

Blizzard has promised that more Tank and Support characters are on the way too, but those will have to wait until after the launch of Overwatch 2. That game aims to expand the story with more single-player content, but the multiplayer modes will run concurrently and be updated together. It does not have a set release date yet.

Meanwhile, Overwatch League, the professional competitive face of the online game, continues apace. Recently a few players were fined for inappropriate comments in chat.

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