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Overwatch 2's New DPS Hero, Venture, Is As Maneuverable As They Are Deadly

Using a high-tech drill, Venture can dip, dig, and dodge around the battlefield.


Overwatch 2's newest DPS hero, Venture, will be excavating their way into the game soon, and Blizzard has now given fans their best look yet at the archaeologists' game-changing abilities.

Venture is a highly maneuverable DPS who uses their Smart Excavator weapon to both deal damage and overcome enemy defenses. The weapon itself launches seismic charges that explode after a short distance.

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The real fun of Venture looks to be using the drill to move around the battlefield in interesting ways. Venture's Burrow ability allows them to dig underground and emerge underneath enemies, dealing damage when surfacing. While underground, Venture is invulnerable, allowing the ability to serve as both an offensive and defensive tool. Drill Dash allows Venture to, well, dash through the air, pushing enemies who come into contact with the drill back. Taken together, Venture can zip around fights using the two abilities in conjunction.

As for Venture's ultimate, Tectonic Shock, it sends out large damaging shockwaves in an area in front of Venture. The DPS hero additionally sports two passive abilities. One, Explorer's Resolve, grants them a temporary shield when activating abilities, while the other, Clobber, increases the damage of Venture's basic melee attacks.

Venture will be officially arriving in Overwatch 2 with the launch of Season 10 on April 16, but players can take them for a spin early during a trial weekend March 28-31.

Blizzard recently announced some big changes coming to Overwatch 2 alongside Season 10, including making the game more "generous" by making all its heroes free immediately upon release, rather than making players grind to unlock them or pay via the premium battle pass. Moving forward, Overwatch 2 will reward more coins used for purchasing cosmetics and more battle pass XP, and additionally give players a new way to earn the game's coveted Mythic skins.

Last season brought major changes to Overwatch 2's gameplay and systems, with a reworked competitive mode, hero HP increases, and new role-wide passives . Blizzard recently introduced a crossover with the legendary anime Cowboy Bebop, adding skins that transform the game's heroes into members of the Bebop's crew.

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