Outrage on PS2

Outrage releases new information on its upcoming PS2 game and first details on another next generation console game.


Rubu Tribe

GameSpot received preliminary information and a handful of new character sketches for Outrage Entertainment's upcoming Sony PlayStation 2 project. This currently untitled game falls primarily in the action/adventure genre, as the player will assume control over a tribe of aliens. Outrage promises that the game will combine action, adventure, strategy, and puzzle elements into an epic quest. In addition to having control of the primary character, players will be able to relay orders to the rest of the party in leading them through dungeons and organic environments. The game will be published by Interplay.

On a related note, Outrage also confirmed another project in development for unspecified next-generation consoles. This tactical-action game will feature a morphing character. Outrage promises that the game will incorporate fluid animation and impressive camera angles in the mold of Hong Kong action films. We have included character sketches of this second game in the screens index as well. Outrage is primarily known for developing Descent 3 for the PC platform.

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