Outlast 2 Devs Kickstarting Underwear Because You Keep Pooping Yourselves

Become skid free.


Outlast 2 developer Red Barrels wants you to be able to play its first-person horror title without worrying about soiling yourself. To that end, it has launched a Kickstarter for Underscares, a "companion diaper" that lets "every gamer play Outlast 2 without worrying about their skivvies."

"After the release of Outlast 1, we received numerous reports of soiled undergarments and unprepared anuses," the studio says in its Kickstarter project page. "So we, the team at Red Barrels, decided to come up with a solution ... Fear for your underwear no more with Underscares."

Despite how ridiculous this sounds, Red Barrels says this product is "100% real and inspired by the Outlast community."

"In partnership with local designers, we developed a diaper prototype that combines practicality, comfort and style so gamers can experience abject terror without worrying about dirtying their egos (or their couches). Underscares are wearable, comfortable, high quality and most importantly, washable."

There are various rewards for donation, ranging from an Outlast sewable patch and a DIY Underscare for $10 (CAD) to basic Underscares and a code for the game for $55 (CAD). At the highest tier you can get the official Outlast chapel from PAX East and "all the Underscares you'll need for yourself (and your cult)" for $6,666 (CAD).

Of course, the Underscares will only be made if the Kickstarter project is fully funded. It has a goal of $40,000 (CAD) and, at the time of writing, has raised $12,438 (CAD).

Originally planned to launch at the end of 2016, Outlast 2 was delayed to early 2017.

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"This is not the type of news we ever want to deliver, but we are so fully committed to the world we've built and to our awesome community that we could not, in good conscience, release a game [whose] limits haven't been tested to the extreme," Red Barrels said about the delay.

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