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Outer Wilds' Limited-Edition Vinyl, Physical PS4 Copy Up For Pre-Order

The acclaimed space-exploration game has an unforgettable soundtrack, and now you can own it on vinyl.


Outer Wilds was a surprise hit when it launched last year, earning a "superb" 9/10 in our review and earning its spot among our top 10 games of 2019. The debut game from a small studio that started out as a student project, Outer Wilds finally released on Xbox One and PC after almost seven years in development and has since been released on PlayStation 4; it's also out on Steam today. If you've been looking to play on PS4, Limited Run Games is publishing a region-free physical PS4 copy of the game, and there's also a fantastic bundle featuring both the physical version and a 2xLP vinyl from iam8bit for $75. The vinyl is also available separately for $40.

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If you've played Outer Wilds, you know its soundtrack (created by Andrew Prahlow) is phenomenal, perfectly capturing the loneliness and beauty of exploring empty planets, reading transcripts from an abandoned civilization, and experiencing a world-ending supernova over and over. Music plays a huge role in Outer Wilds, as your fellow explorers each have a unique instrument that you can always hear off in the distance, and those melodies come together in a meaningful way by the end of the game. The "Black Hole" vinyl cover looks stunning, featuring album art by Outer Wilds concept artist Ian Jacobson. The inside of the vinyl looks like it includes hand-scrawled notes and doodles as if it's an explorer's notebook.

The vinyl appears to have some kind of exclusive bonus as well, but iam8bit's listing is fittingly vague. "Even more secrets await within its grooves, but we’d be remiss in revealing those here and spoiling a delightful surprise," the vinyl's description reads. It's expected to ship in Q3 2020.

If you just want the physical PS4 copy but not the vinyl, you can pre-order it for $35 directly from Limited Run; however, pre-orders will close on Sunday, July 19, so you have about a month to snag your copy. There's also a stunning Explorer's edition available for $60 that includes five postcards, four enamel pins, and a physical CD soundtrack with new arrangements. The physical game is expected to ship two to four months after the pre-order window closes.

GameSpot's Outer Wilds review praised the game's captivating story, mysterious world, and hand-crafted planets. "Outer Wilds’ deeply captivating narrative and plentiful mysteries push you further into exploring its richly varied and stunning solar system," wrote Alessandro Barbosa. "By letting you chart your own course and piece together its mystery at your own pace, Outer Wilds makes each of its expeditions feel incredibly personal and absolutely unmissable."

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