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Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, The Kool-Aid Man, And Sriracha Immortalized As Switch Controllers

Hyperkin just launched a batch of controllers and Nintendo Switch carrying cases based on popular food brands. And Tetris.


Hyperkin just launched limited-edition wireless controllers for Nintendo Switch and PC inspired by Sriracha hot sauce, Kool-Aid, and Oscar Mayer hot dogs, of all things. All three models are part of Hyperkin's Pixel Art series. If you'd prefer a controller that's just a tad more related to video games, Hyperkin also released a trio of officially licensed Tetris controllers. You can check out the six controllers and matching Nintendo Switch carrying cases (and more) in one place by clicking the button below.

Hyperkin limited-edition controllers
Hyperkin limited-edition controllers

Like other Hyperkin Pixel Art controllers, the Sriracha, Kool-Aid, and Oscar Mayer models resemble the original SNES gamepad's size, shape, and button placement--including Nintendo's classic ABXY layout--with additional buttons you'd expect from a modern controller like dual analog sticks and a second set of shoulder triggers. All three models feature turbo mode, wireless Bluetooth connectivity up to 30 feet or wired connection via the included USB-C cable, and support a long list of devices, including Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, Steam Deck, Amazon Luna, and uh… Tesla cars, apparently.

The only difference between the three pads is their looks. The Sriracha Pixel Art controller sports a red chassis with bright green thumbsticks and Sriracha rooster decals. The Kool-Aid version has a blue body adorned with fruits and the Kool-Aid Man (of course), red face buttons, black thumbsticks and D-pad, and blue shoulder buttons. The Oscar Mayer model is yellow with a cartoony hotdog decal on the front. The hot dog only has mustard on it (sorry, ketchup).

The limited-edition controllers are available for $40 each at Amazon or Hyperkin's online store. All three Tetris controllers are eligible for Prime shipping, and the Tetrimino Stack variant looks pretty darn cool. The listings state these limited-edition controllers won't be reprinted. Hyperkin only manufactured 2,000 of each Tetris controller, so it's likely the other three have similarly limited quantities.

As if those six controllers weren't enough, Hyperkin also released three controllers base on Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, a popular French animated show.

Tetris controllers
Tetris controllers

Hyperkin also launched new Siraracha, Kool-Aid, and Oscar Mayer-themed Nintendo Switch carrying cases that match the controllers. Each case features an outer shell with colors and decals based on the three brands. A foam cushion inside the case keeps your Switch in place, and you can stow small accessories in the mesh pockets. Dedicated slots can hold up to eight game cartridges. You can grab them for $20 each at Amazon.

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