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Origami Artist Makes Nier Characters Out Of Single Piece Of Paper

It seems Nierly impossible to make figures this good out of one piece of paper.


Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139... releases this Friday for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and it's actually an upgraded version of a game originally released back in 2010. That game had quite the cult following--hence its eventual sequel--and one artist has shown just how dedicated Nier fans can be by making incredibly detailed origami figures of the main characters.

Finnish artist Juho Könkkölä created origami models of the game's protagonist, who may or may not be named Nier, as well as fan-favorite Emil, and each figure was made from just one piece of paper. Considering the level of detail on the figures, this is pretty incredible. The protagonist doesn't have a face, but he does hold a weapon and has considerable detail on his clothing and hair.

Emil is even more impressive. The character, who serves as the franchise's poster boy of sorts, features a little scarf, skeletal limbs, a detailed staff, and his famous "head." The character also serves as the mask for Nier mastermind Yoko Taro, who almost never shows his face during interviews and public appearances.

Between preparation and folding, making the figures took 210 hours. They were folded from a square piece of paper before being wetted and molded, as you can see for some of the details in Emil's face. They're even to scale, with the adult protagonist towering over Emil.

When Nier Replicant releases on April 23, it will be 11 years and one day since the original version released. In addition to upgraded visuals and retooled music, it also features completely overhauled combat that feels similar to Nier Automata and some new content that was not in the original release.

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