Operation Flashpoint comes to the Xbox

Codemasters reveals plans to bring its first-person shooter to the Xbox.


Codemasters has announced that it plans to release a special version Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis for the Xbox. Currently in development at Bohemia Interactive, the Xbox version of Operation Flashpoint will include the original game, as well as a new prequel campaign named "The Resistance." The game is set in 1985, when a Soviet resistance group seizes control of a small island community. As a member of a NATO peacekeeping force, players will have to infiltrate the island and take on the resistance.

"Operation Flashpoint is a groundbreaking title, giving players the chance to participate in a Cold War conflict just the way they want to," said Jonathan Smith, head of external development at Codemasters. "It's a game that has set new standards of immersive realism, and we're delighted to bring it to the Xbox. On the Xbox, it offers twice as much action as in the original PC game, with the inclusion of the enhanced Resistance missions. We are refining the controls and interface for maximum playability and beefing up the graphical effects to take full advantage of the hardware."

The Resistance campaign adds a new 100-square-kilometer island on which players will assume the role of an ex-special forces soldier who fights against the Soviets, who are trying to seize control of the island.

The Xbox version of Operation Flashpoint is currently scheduled for release this winter.

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