Open-World Dynasty Warriors 9 New Trailer And Combat Details Revealed

Dynasty Warriors 9 brings new combat mechanics and open-world exploration to the series' traditional brawls.


Dynasty Warriors 9 will add new combat mechanics to familiar hack-and-slash gameplay inside the series' first open world. Koei Tecmo unveiled details on the game today, along with more screenshots and the new trailer above.

The trailer shows the expansive world, filled with mountains and palaces, along with big open plains where players will single-handedly battle hordes of enemies--the hallmark of the series. This time, Dynasty Warriors 9 will add a new combo system to the action; starting with a Trigger Attack, players will follow up with Flow Attacks and finally a Finish Attack that "eradicates any foes caught in its path." Koei Tecmo says the combos will create a thrilling experience that separates the game from its predecessors.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will also have an Interactive Action system, where players interact with the open world around them. You can climb buildings and mountains, use grappling hooks on walls, and make use of objects like oil barrels in battle. Check out some new screenshots showing off the gameplay below.

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Release details are still slim for Dynasty Warriors 9. We know a PlayStation 4 version is coming, but Koei Tecmo has yet to say what other systems we can expect the game on. It says we can expect more details on gameplay and a release date sometime in the coming months, so follow our full coverage here on GameSpot for the latest updates.

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