OnLive gets Facebook integration

Game-streaming service will let players launch into games, watch friends play straight from social networking site.


Gamers have been able to access Facebook from consoles for a while, but soon, they'll be able to access console-style games straight from the social networking site. Game-streaming service OnLive today announced integration with Facebook that will let users launch into its games directly from the social network.

OnLive wants to be InEverything.
OnLive wants to be InEverything.

If users opt in to the service, they will see wall posts whenever their friends start up a game using OnLive. They will then be able to either watch the play session (with voice chat) or click a button to jump into the game's multiplayer mode. If they don't own the game, they will at least be able to launch into a free demo of the title.

OnLive's Facebook integration isn't going to stop there. Players will also be able to post "brag clips" of their gameplay that can be instantly posted to their Facebook walls in high-definition videos.

The Facebook integration is just one part of OnLive's expansion plan. The service is set to launch in Europe later this year, and it is already testing in Asia. Additionally, OnLive has plans to adapt its service to work on cable boxes, in addition to the computers, tablets, smartphones, Blu-ray players, and TVs it already supports.

OnLive gives gamers access to its library of nearly 100 games--including Homefront, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and Borderlands--in a variety of ways. Customers can purchase the games outright, rent them for up to five days, or get unlimited access to about half the service's catalog for a $10 monthly subscription fee.

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