Onimusha Blade Warriors E3 2003 Preshow Report

Capcom’s popular Onimusha series is branching out to include a four-player fighting game.


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While the Onimusha series has been limited to survival-horror-like games in the past, Capcom is going to spread the series out this year. Along with the classic Onimusha action found in the third game in the series and the strategy RPG gameplay of Onimusha Tactics, Capcom is also planning a four-player fighting game featuring characters from the Onimusha universe.

The game, called Onimusha Blade Warriors, will feature Samanouske Akechi from the first Onimusha, Jubei Yagyu from Onimusha 2, and several other side characters and monsters from the series. It will be a four-player fighting game not entirely unlike Capcom’s Power Stone. Interaction with objects in the environment is a key component of the game, as is a focus on fast, powerful sword strikes.

Onimusha Blade Warriors is currently scheduled for release near the end of 2003.

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