One of Mass Effect: Andromeda's Protagonists Gets His Own Action Figure

It launches next spring.


Being part of such a big franchise, it should come as no surprise that merchandise based on Mass Effect: Andromeda is on the way.

That includes an action figure based on one of the two protagonists you can choose from in Andromeda, Scott Ryder, Game Informer reports. The McFarlane-produced figure, which is part of the Color Tops line, stands seven inches tall. Ryder wears N7 armor and carries an Avenger AAX5 assault rifle. You can check out a photo of a prototype version below.

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It doesn't yet have an exact release date--it's due out sometime next spring--but you'll be able to preorder it on Amazon in the coming days. A price wasn't shared, but Game Informer notes that similar figures go for around $20.

Presumably a version of Andromeda's female protagonist, Sarah Ryder, is also on the way, but McFarlane hasn't announced that yet. An art book based on the game is coming in March, which is one of two indications Andromeda itself may launch on March 21.

EA and BioWare most recently said to expect the game during Spring 2017. We've learned a lot about it this week, including the fact that it's not the start of a new trilogy and has a crafting system.

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