One Of Australia's Best Snacks Has Been Turned Into An Xbox

Prepare your body for Xbox Shapes.


Australia has some wonderful snacks that are not available in America, and one of them is being turned into the shape of an Xbox for a new limited-time release.

Xbox ANZ and Arnott's have teamed up to create limited-edition Xbox Shapes, a product that is "taking gaming snacks to the next level," according to its producers.

The special Shapes will be available in the BBQ flavor, which is definitely a solid choice, but people will surely let their voices be heard about it regardless given the contentious ongoing debate about what is, actually, the best flavor of Shapes. (The answer, according to this reporter, is pizza).

The snacks are shaped like an Xbox controller, and they look very tasty.

"These crackers are the ideal snack to share with your Player 2 (or keep all to yourself), making you fuelled up and ready to play," Xbox said in a news release.

Fans can visit the social media pages for Xbox and Shapes to find out where to get their hands on the limited-edition Xbox Shapes. The Xbox Shapes are not being sold widely, unfortunately, so Australian gamers will need to win a contest to secure the special snack.

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