One Must Fall beta testers needed

Diversions Entertainment is looking for additional players to beta-test its upcoming robot fighting game.


One Must Fall: Battlegrounds

Florida-based Diversions Entertainment is looking for new players to participate in the beta test of One Must Fall: Battlegrounds, its upcoming robot fighting game. Those interested in testing the game can apply at the game's official beta test sign-up page.

One Must Fall: Battlegrounds is the sequel to Diversions' previous fighting game, One Must Fall: 2097. The futuristic game includes large fighting arenas in which player-controlled robots can move freely, engage in multiplayer free-for-all combat, or participate in team-based fighting. The robots also have new attacks and acrobatic moves. For more information about One Must Fall: Battlegrounds, take a look our previous coverage of the game and visit the official One Must Fall Web site.

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