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NYCC 2019: Ms. Marvel Revealed As Avengers Game's Main Character

The Inhuman takes center stage.


Despite the game's title, Marvel's Avengers aren't the stars of the show. As revealed at New York Comic-Con 2019, Ms. Marvel is the main character of Crystal Dynamics' upcoming game.

"An optimistic fangirl of the Avengers, Kamala Khan is the perfect character for the story we're telling in Marvel's Avengers," Crystal Dynamics creative director and writer Shaun Escayg said in a press release. "Telling our story of Kamala's coming-of-age brings a fresh, hopeful perspective to the gameplay experience and her unique abilities as Ms. Marvel makes her a character every person can relate to and will want to play."

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"I think Kamala is a perfect fit for a game like this, since she sees the Marvel world the same way we do as fans and players," Ms. Marvel's co-creator G. Willow Wilson added. "Kamala allows us to imagine what we ourselves would do if we suddenly discovered we had superpowers and got to stand alongside our heroes in their time of greatest need."

For those unfamiliar, Kamala Khan burst onto the superhero scene in 2013, quickly growing popular for her relatable struggles, quirky humor, and heroic spirit. She's also a comic book icon as Marvel's first openly Muslim hero. Kamala is your everyday teenage girl who loves superheroes and idolizes Carol Danvers, the first Ms. Marvel and current Captain Marvel. After becoming an Inhuman with the ability to stretch and grow any part of her body (which she dubs "embiggening"), Kamala adopts the mantle of Ms. Marvel and becomes a costumed crimefighter. She's teamed up with Spider-Man, the Secret Warriors, and the Avengers.

After a confusing reveal for Marvel's Avengers, Crystal Dynamics announced it was changing pretty much "everything" about the game prior to launch and that Marvel is closely involved in the process of developing the game. Our subsequent time with the game has helped shed light on how the game plays--a superhero game that offers cinematic single- and multiplayer missions.

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