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Nvidia Is Releasing A New 12GB RTX 2060 To Address Shortages

A new variant of the older card is on its way.


Earlier this year, Nvidia promised to release new stock of older GPUs, with the current generation of cards still plagued by supply shortages. It's coming through on that promise now, The Verge reports, releasing new RTX 2060s with 12GB of video RAM--double what the 2060 originally released with in 2019.

The re-release is intended to give more decently priced options for gamers who may be struggling to find affordable cards even on the secondary market. It's likely the RTX 2060 was originally chosen to be re-released as it doesn't contain the same components rumored to be causing manufacturing bottlenecks for newer hardware.

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Nvidia has said that the new 2060 cards should be available starting December 7, though no indication on pricing has been given so far. In a statement to The Verge, the company indicated that the new cards would most likely cost more than the RTX 2060's original release price of $349. "It is a premium version of the RTX 2060 6GB and we expect the price to reflect that," a spokesperson said.

The specs for the new Founders Edition RTX 2060 can be found here. As well as the boosted video RAM, the card looks to have a few other slight improvements on the 2019 version, including a higher base clock speed and increased CUDA cores.

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