Not Even a Tunnel Full of Cars Can Stop GTA 5's Train

Surprisingly, throwing yourself in front of a speeding train has proven to be unproductive.


Grand Theft Auto V players refuse to accept that there's no way to bring the game's train to a halt intact. If there is, jamming a tunnel full of vehicles is not the answer.

The video below surfaced this week on YouTube courtesy of user Redmar Belle. In it, a group of players join together in GTA Online to crowd the train tracks inside of a tunnel. A mix of land vehicles stand in the train's way in an attempt to stop it, but--spoiler alert--they didn't succeed.

In fact, things go so poorly that the player whose perspective we're watching from ends up dead, though surprisingly the ensuing carnage doesn't result in every vehicle being completely torn to shreds.

Technically, the train can be stopped, but only by destroying it with explosives laid along the track. That isn't necessarily what players want; ideally, the train could be stopped and then hijacked, as you was possible in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In that game, you could drive the train around and make deliveries or--if you went fast enough--derail it. GTA V, however, only lets you drive the train during a specific mission; killing the conductor has no effect on its movement, and you can only get inside through the use of glitches.

If you're looking for something more productive to do in GTA Online, a Labor Day weekend event is currently underway that offers bonus experience and in-game cash.

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