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Not A Single Person Has Seen Everything In Remnant 2

If you love secrets, this game is probably for you.


The looter-shooter Souls-like Remnant 2 is finally launching next week, and according to the game's principal designer, not a single player has seen everything it has to offer so far.

If you're looking for a game that has plenty of secrets to discover, Ben Cureton of Gunfire Games seems to think Remnant 2 is the game for you. The developer shared a tweet emphasizing how much there is to find in the game, noting that even players who have hundreds of hours in the game haven't seen everything. "For those that love secrets and exploring: No one has seen or obtained 100% of everything Remnant 2 has to offer," Cureton wrote. "I'm talking about hardcore players with over 400+ hours, reviewers that had early access, even our own internal developers. No one.

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"Remnant 2 has secrets within secrets within secrets. We made sure obtaining 100% Achievements is very player-friendly and then went far beyond that to keep the game rewarding long after you've hit that goal. Lots more in store! Let's take this journey together. Explore, discover, share!"

Four hundred hours is a pretty ridiculous amount to put into one game, so it sure sounds like the game has a lot to offer. Reviews with the game came in yesterday, with GameSpot's Remnant 2 review giving the game a 7/10, saying "Remnant 2 is exactly what you want from a sequel, such is the way it expands and improves upon the first game's ideas. It's not likely to blow you away, but the core gameplay loop--built on rewarding combat, an ever-expanding repertoire of skills and abilities, and the randomness of its procedural generation--latches on and refuses to let go."

Preorders for the game have some pretty big discounts at the moment too, and if you preorder the Ultimate edition of the game, you can even get early access starting from today (July 21), at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET. Considering how much it turns out there is in the game, it might be good to get that head start.

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