Nocturne heads to the big screen

Undead gangsters and vampires will soon hit theaters, as Terminal Reality's Nocturne series will be adapted for the big screen.


Dimension Films and Collision Entertainment have entered into an agreement with developer Terminal Reality to create a film adaptation of the PC action-adventure series Nocturne. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a script is already complete, and the film is set to begin production next year.

"Nocturne provides a rich world and interesting characters that have the potential to become the next Mummy franchise," Collision Entertainment's Scott Faye told the publication. "The film will play like a supernatural Untouchables, retaining the spirit of the game while introducing new characters and a solid three-act action-adventure storyline."

As previously reported, a video game sequel to Nocturne, which will be more action-oriented than the original game, is currently being developed for console platforms. GameSpot originally reported on an Xbox version, but the game could also be released on other consoles, such as the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo GameCube. The game will be released in conjunction with the film, which is currently set for an early 2003 debut.

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