No One Lives Forever Goes Gold

Fox's action-adventure game will hit store shelves in early November.


The Operative: No One Lives Forever

Fox Interactive announced today that No One Lives Forever is complete and will start arriving in stores by early November. No One Lives Forever is a first-person action-adventure game set in the groovy '60s. Players assume the role of Agent Cate Archer, a beautiful but deadly female operative who is on a mission to thwart the evil plans of a terrorist group called H.A.R.M. She has an arsenal of ingenious spy weapons and killer gadgets at her disposal, which will keep her alive through more than 60 levels set in different locations around the world. The game was developed by Monolith Productions and utilizes the LithTech 2.5 engine.

For more information about the game and to download the playable demo, go to our No One Lives Forever gamespace.

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