No new Darksiders in 2013

Nordic Games confirms series won't return this year; "I don't believe in bringing out a sh**** sequel," says new owner.


Darksiders II

The Darksiders series will remain dormant for the duration of 2013, new owner Nordic Games has confirmed. Speaking with Game Informer, CEO Lars Wingefors said the company plans to speak with partners to discuss the future of the Darksiders brand in the coming week.

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"Officially, we haven't talked to any partners. My colleagues in Austria are handling the business development and are handling all those contacts. We'll be sitting down, I think, in the next week to discuss all those options," Wingefors said. "It takes a very long time to make games. You won't see a new Darksiders this year. I don't believe in bringing out a s***** sequel."

Crytek USA, which is staffed by a number of former Vigil Games developers, has expressed interest in working on future games in the series.

Wingefors also detailed Nordic Games' position as it relates to the future of the brands it acquired for $4.9 million yesterday, which include Darksiders, Red Faction, and MX vs. ATV. He said Nordic Games will not develop any future installments internally, but will instead seek out external partnerships to extend the franchises.

"I'm impressed with the love and interest that those IPs, especially Darksiders, are bringing it. You can see Nordic Game as a middleman in order to create great new sequels," Wingefors said. "If we can find the right team with the right terms, I'm sure we can find the right financial solution to make it happen."

Since the auction results were published yesterday, Wingefors said Nordic Games had received calls from interested parties and some discussions were held, though he declined to give any greater detail.

"We have to be very honest. I am a business man within the games industry. We are not the creative, talented developer that brings out new versions in house," Wingefors stated. "I understand the potential of the IPs. I respect the original creators and the creative people who are able to create sequels. In the past 24 hours, we have been contacted and there have been a few discussions (but I can't confirm names)."

Last summer's Darksiders II is the most recent entry in the series. It launched in August for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, later coming to Wii U as a launch title. For more, check out GameSpot's review.

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