No more Terror for Conflict series

Eidos follows Bush administration, changes name of latest Conflict game to Global Storm in PAL territories.


Conflict: Global Terror

While most may scoff at the recent furor over changes of the Bush administration's wording concerning its antiterrorism agenda, at least a few game industry execs across the pond have taken the rephrasing to heart. UK-based Eidos today announced that it has changed the name of its tactical shooter from Conflict: Global Terror to Conflict: Global Storm in European territories. The name change will not affect the game's North American release, which will be distributed by 2K Games.

The rechristening comes on the heels of a recent vernacular swordfight in the White House. Citing the President's pet term "war on terror" as too simplistic, senior officials within the Bush administration have instead been substituting the phrase "global struggle against violent extremism."

Perhaps, like the President's phrasing, the former name was too simple for Global Storm, which will still see the team from previous iterations of the series reunited to fight fictitious South America-based neo-Nazi-funded global terrorism. The fourth iteration in the Conflict series features updated graphics and artificial intelligence, and will also include cooperative online play.

Conflict: Global Storm/Conflict: Global Terror will be released for Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PC this November. For more on the game, see GameSpot's recent updated impressions.

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