No More Heroes heads to smartphones

Marvelous AQL confirms Android and iOS port of Suda 51 action game alongside Keiji Inafune's JJ Rockets and Yuji Naka's social RPG Buddy Monster.


Marvelous AQL, formerly Marvelous Entertainment, recently held a press conference about its merger with AQ Interactive and Liveware. According to news sites and Andriasang, the company announced four smartphone titles in the works by renowned producers in the video game industry.

Travis will touch down on iPhones in the near future.
Travis will touch down on iPhones in the near future.

Grasshopper Manufacture founder Goichi "Suda 51" Suda announced that his company is working on a mobile version of No More Heroes. He described the game as a "social assassin battle" with reworked controls implementing the touch screen, as well as new cooperative and competitive modes, weapons, and characters. The game will run on iOS and Android platforms.

Intercept and Comcept founder Keiji Inafune, formerly a renowned Capcom producer, said during the press conference that his company will be developing a new game called JJ Rockets for the Android and iOS. The action game pits players as a retro-styled robot piloted by the American president to save the world from falling meteorites.

Another former Capcom producer, Noritaka Futamizu, said that his company, Craft & Meister, will be developing a game called Combo Kimaru. The iOS and Android-tailored title is a fighting game with a huge focus on combo strings and tempo. Players will be using the touch screen to initiate combos and moves on the fly.

Yuji Naka, former head of Sega's Sonic Team, said that his studio Prope is working on a new social role-playing game called Buddy Monster. Players control an avatar that rides atop a monster to hunt down prey in large game areas. The game will feature monster-hunting and monster-growth mechanics not unlike Nintendo's Pokemon series.

Marvelous AQL has neither revealed the release dates of these titles nor shared light about its releases outside of Japan.

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