No More Heroes 3 - Rank 4 Boss Fight Guide

Here's how to destroy the Rank 4 assassin in No More Heroes 3 for Nintendo Switch.


SPOILER WARNING: Be careful! No More Heroes 3 is a game filled with surprises, and sometimes boss fights don’t always go as expected. In other words, we recommend not reading the boss strategy until you’ve actually started fighting the boss to avoid spoiling some of the game’s best moments!

Another returning character comes to upstage the guy you’re supposed to fight in No More Heroes 3's Rank 4 fight. Destroyman has returned, and he has brought some friends. Or rather, a gaggle of mass-produced, mechanized clones of himself. Below, you can find out everything you need to know about defeating Destroyman. For more guides, be sure to check out our No More Heroes 3 beginner's tips.

How To Defeat Destroyman

The first phase of this fight sees Travis taking on a group of Destroymen. This fight isn’t terribly difficult--at this point, the health and attack power of the Destroyman units is weak compared to the standard foes you’re fighting in Defense Missions and Designated Matches. They fight with very straightforward close-range attacks, which are rather easy to Perfect Dodge and counter. What can prove to be a bit of a problem are their sheer numbers--when you’ve dealt with one group, another will immediately appear. All you need to do is keep fighting until you’ve slain enough of them to trigger the next few story scenes.

The back half of the Destroyman encounter is where the real fight begins. Destroyman True-Face has a mix of close- and long-range attacks that can be a royal pain to deal with. For close-range strikes, he’s got a bunch combo, a twirling-twin-blade attack, an electrified uppercut, and On the ranged side, he can lunge at you with a flying tackle or punch, send lightning blasts coursing along the ground, and fire twin blasts from a homing cannon. The homing attack can be dodged when you see the blasts barrelling down at you, but the lighting attack is a bit trickier: For the first new attack, he will charge up, then fire lighting blasts that shoot across the ground in straight lines around him. You’ll have a second or two to spot where the lightning will move, then get out of the way.

He gains another ranged attack when he’s down to half his life. This new skill, the Destroy Buster, has him fly into the air, then fire a scraping laser that tracks Travis. You’ll need to keep moving through the duration of this attack to avoid being hit. Try to lure the beam to the left or right edge of the arena before it blasts, then quickly move out of the way as it fires and keep running. Be careful because getting blasted against the wall with this will absolutely wreck your life meter! He’ll also upgrade his Destroy Cannon to be able to fire huge energy blasts that cover a decent-sized area, though these don’t doggedly home in on you as the smaller blasts do. (You’ll also see him charge up briefly, giving ample time to dodge.)

All of your Death Glove skills can be put to good use here, particularly the Death Kick, which can interrupt some of his more annoying attacks. Since he’s humanoid-sized, he’s also very vulnerable to stuns and throws, so if you see him getting close to getting dizzy, don’t let up! A good overall strategy is to try and Perfect Dodge his bodily strikes since a successful dodge will set you up in slow-mo for a big counterattack, which can then lead to a dizzy state. There are also times when he won’t be attacking and will walk towards you--try charging up your heavy attack (a skill learned from the Power-Up Machine) and let it loose when he’s close for a good chunk of damage. Keep your guards and dodges at the ready, and you should be able to ground this would-be hero for good.

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