Nintendo trying to 'Net help

Publisher asks for participation in its global networking test for the upcoming Nintendo DS Wi-Fi connection.


DS owners who can't wait to take their portables out to play against buddies on the other end of the Internet can do their part to speed up the process. Nintendo is asking fans to help participate in a test designed to sharpen the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, a service that will let DS owners hop onto the 'Net and play multiplayer games against other users.

The test comes in the form of a simple survey and a download on the company's Web site. The questions ask for information on users' Internet connections, and a download simply pings Nintendo's servers. The download doubles as a connection tester and an Animal Crossing-themed desktop clock. The test takes less than 10 minutes.

"By gathering information on which types of networking equipment our customers are using and how they have their home networks set up, we'll be able to tailor the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to be easy to use and available to the broadest audience possible," Nintendo says on its Web site. Testing will continue through September.

According to a FAQ about the survey, "By the end of 2005, Nintendo DS owners will be able to play some of their favorite franchises via Wi-Fi. Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing DS are targeted to be among the first titles from Nintendo to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection."

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