Nintendo to post second straight full-year loss - Report

Bloomberg data suggests Mario maker will post loss of ¥18.7 billion yen ($189 million) when it reports full-year earnings tomorrow.


According to data compiled by Bloomberg, Nintendo will announce a loss of ¥18.7 billion yen ($189 million) tomorrow as part of its earnings report for the 12 months ended March 31. The data is based on the average of 15 estimates put together by the publication.

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If Nintendo does post negative numbers tomorrow, it will be the second straight full-year loss for the company, following last year's first-ever annual loss.

Citing lower-than-expected Wii U sales, Nintendo in January cut full-year sales predictions for the platform 27 percent to 4 million. Nintendo has admitted communicating the novelty of the system to consumers has been a "challenge" relative to the original Wii.

Not all analysts are happy with the job president Satoru Iwata--who has been the top executive at the company since 2002--is doing running Nintendo.

"Iwata hasn't produced good results in recent years," Ace Securities Co. analyst Hideki Yasuda told Bloomberg. "He can't avoid being criticized."

GameSpot will have full details on Nintendo's full-year earnings when they are announced tomorrow.

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