Nintendo Switch's Next Tetris 99 Event Is A Spooky Crossover With Luigi's Mansion 3

Ahead of its Halloween release, Luigi's Mansion 3 comes to Tetris 99.


The eighth Maximus Cup in Tetris 99 kicks off this weekend on Nintendo Switch. The in-game event will run from October 25 to 28, and much like previous themed crossovers with Splatoon, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Super Kirby Clash, the latest Maximus Cup is a collaboration with another Nintendo Switch title--the upcoming Luigi's Mansion 3.

The competition is points-based, with each round on Tetris 99 earning you a number of points depending on how well you place. If you can amass 100 points by the time the competition ends, you'll unlock a Luigi's Mansion 3 theme for Tetris 99, complete with a spooky jazz soundtrack.

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Tetris 99 is one of the exclusive perks you get with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. NSO members can download the game for free and play against 98 other players online in a battle royale-inspired competition to be the last one remaining.

Peter Brown praised the game's unique spin on competitive block dropping in GameSpot's Tetis 99 review, saying "Tetris 99 may not be a proper battle royale game, but it taps into the same emotional well, where a large number of players vying for supremacy creates an ever-present intensity that's difficult to shake. Add that layer to a game that's plenty capable of instilling tension on its own, and you've got a riveting experience that even at its worst is still a game very much worth playing. There's obvious room for improvement, but that's the last thing on your mind when the pieces start falling and the players start dropping."

NSO memberships run for US $4 / £3.49 / AU $6 for one month, US $8 / £7 / AU $12 for three months, and US $20 / £18 / AU $30 for one year. Nintendo also offers an annual Family Membership that costs US $35 / £31.49 / AU $55 and covers up to eight Nintendo Accounts across multiple Switch systems.

Rather fittingly, Luigi's Mansion 3 launches for the Nintendo Switch on Halloween itself, this October 31.

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