Nintendo Switch Version Of Dinosaur Gardening Game Happy Birthdays Dated

Cube gardening with the dinos.


Happy Birthdays, the upcoming world-creation game, has an official release date for the Nintendo Switch. The game is a slightly improved version Birthdays the Beginning, out now for PS4 and PC. The Nintendo version will hit store shelves this June.

Happy Birthdays is essentially a gardening game, designed by Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada, where you create ecosystems in the form of cube gardens and raise prehistoric creatures, guiding them through their evolution, right up until the emergence of human beings. You raise and lower blocks to form valleys, mountains, and oceans, while placing limited-use items like rivers. Your ecological choices determine what kinds of life come into existence and flourish.

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The Nintendo Switch release will make a few changes from the existing version. It will fix a few elements of the game's UI so it's easier to play and understand, improve some of the gameplay elements, and also introduce new characters.

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In GameSpot's review of Birthdays the Beginning, reviewer Heidi Kemps applauded the game's bright, colorful visuals that give it a unique look among the god-game genre but also took issue with the game's UI. She said there was lots of content and secrets to discover, despite the game's clunky, cumbersome interface (an issue that is hopefully remedied in this latest version). Happy Birthdays will release on Nintendo Switch on June 5 in North America, and in Europe on June 8.

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