Nintendo Switch Update Secretly Adds Wireless Headphone Support

A nice surprise awaits in the new system update.


Nintendo released a big update for Nintendo Switch this week, introducing the ability to record short gameplay video clips. As it turns out, it looks as if the update actually adds more than Nintendo let on in its official patch notes.

Users on Reddit have discovered that Switch now supports headphones through USB when in docked mode--including wireless ones. GameSpot has verified the system now works with Sony's PlayStation Gold Wireless headset, which is intended for use with PS4 but also works on PC. By plugging the headset's USB dongle into the Switch dock, you can use it with Nintendo's system.

The process really is that simple--Switch automatically recognizes the headset and begins outputting sound to the headphones. You'll also see the usual volume notification pop-up that you would when using the standard headphone jack. Volume output can be controlled by holding down the Home button, which presents a slider for USB volume alongside the other standard options you see in that quick-menu screen.

It's unclear why Nintendo didn't advertise this feature; it provided patch notes that highlighted everything else in the update. Players can now record 30-second gameplay clips with the Capture button (in select games), transfer data to another Switch system, and select from new profile icons. We'll report back if it turns out that this update is hiding Virtual Console or some other new feature.

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