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Nintendo Switch Now Has An Official Stylus, But There's A Catch

US Switch users will have to stick with third-party styluses for now.


It's easy to forget that, along with the being a console you can hook up to a TV or play portably, the Nintendo Switch console has a touch screen. Only a few games make use of it. Nintendo has only recently released an official stylus for it, which should make it easier to make levels in Super Mario Maker 2, but getting one isn't as easy as you might think. Currently, the £6.99 stylus (just over $9 USD) is only available through Nintendo's UK store.

Nintendo Switch official stylus
Nintendo Switch official stylus

First reported by Eurogamer, it's obvious that Nintendo chose to release the stylus because of Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training for Nintendo Switch, which just launched on the UK Eshop on January 3. A North American release for the brain-training game that includes sudoku, math mini-games, and puzzles hasn't been confirmed--hence why the stylus is only available in the UK right now.

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This is the second time North American Switch owners are missing out on a Nintendo-branded stylus. Though not released for individual purchase, physical pre-orders for Super Mario Maker 2 included a Mario-themed stylus in Japan and the UK.

While it would be nice to see Nintendo release a stylus for its US audience, you can always buy a third-party stylus that will work just fine. The new Nintendo stylus is rather rote as styluses go. I purchased the AmazonBasics universal stylus for $8 when Super Mario Maker 2 launched and have zero complaints. But if you're holding out for one emblazoned with the official Nintendo logo, it appears the waiting game will continue.

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