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Nintendo Switch Just Passed Wii's Lifetime Sales In The US, Closing In On Xbox 360

The Switch has performed exceptionally well in the US and worldwide.


Circana, the company formerly known as NPD, has released new sales numbers about the United States video game industry and revealed impressive new milestones for the Nintendo Switch.

Posted on, the report begins by stating that the US video game industry is projected to reach $58.3 billion overall in 2023, rising by 3% compared to last year thanks to increased availability of consoles and big new game releases. The report also reveals that the Switch recently surpassed the lifetime sales of the Wii in the US and is close to passing the Xbox 360.

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Supply constraints and other issues impacted the supply and availability of consoles in recent years, but new hardware is much easier to find these days. Despite the issues at launch and throughout the early stages of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S lifecycles, the PS5 is selling 5% better than the PS4 did and 87% above the PS3 in terms of units sold in the US over a similar period of time. The Xbox Series X|S trail the Xbox One by 10% but are ahead of the Xbox 360's numbers by 6%.

The Switch, which was released in 2017, is having another solid year in 2023. The release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom helped spur sales of the console, and Circana says lifetime sales of the Switch in the US exceeded the Wii's lifetime US sales in July. The Switch is coming up on other popular consoles, trailing lifetime US sales of the Xbox 360 by fewer than one million units and PS2 by fewer than five million.

The Switch has sold 129.5 million units worldwide and 49 million across the Americas, but there is no word on US sales, specifically. The Xbox 360, meanwhile, sold more than 84 million units worldwide, while the PS2 is believed to have sold 155 million units.

The PlayStation 5, meanwhile, is the best-selling console in the US so far in 2023 for both units sold and revenue generated. For more, check out Circana's full report for US video game sales.

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