Nintendo launches North American fan club

Club Nintendo participants to receive exclusive freebies for registering games and hardware, taking surveys.


Club Nintendo is finally open for business in North America, rewarding gamers who stock up on the console maker's goods with a variety of exclusive branded merchandise. By logging on to the club's official Web site, registering Nintendo hardware and games, and taking surveys, gamers will earn coins that can be traded in for a variety of goodies.

The current selection of available bonuses includes an exclusive Game & Watch Collection for the Nintendo DS. Originally released to Japanese Club Nintendo members in 2006, the collection includes three of Nintendo's original handheld games from the Game & Watch series. Other prizes include decks of Nintendo-branded playing cards, a variety of DS Lite game and system cases, and a Wii Remote holder.

Already well established in other territories, Club Nintendo offers a rotating mix of freebies that varies from region to region. Current items on offer in Japan include a golden Mario Kart Wii Wheel, a Club Nintnedo-branded calendar, and a Mario hat.

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