Nintendo launches new DS demo kiosk in Japan

"Touch! Try! DS" terminals let consumers try out system and 30 titles before picking them up.


Mario Kart DS
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

TOKYO--Nintendo has let Japanese DS owners download game demos from special kiosks in the past, but now the company is also reaching out to those who don't yet own a DS.

The company has placed new DS demo kiosks across Japan called "Touch! Try! DS," which lets consumers try out the system and 30 games before making a purchase. Where previous demo stations merely invited DS owners to download free samples of games to their handheld, the new kiosks have actual systems to try out.

The kiosks currently offer demos of 30 games, including Mario Kart DS. A demo of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time will be available starting December 15. The list of participating stores and available games is available at Nintendo's official site.

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