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Nintendo Closing DSi Store

RIP DSi Ware.


Nintendo has announced it will cease operation of the DSi Shop on March 31, 2017. Additionally, Nintendo Points will not be redeemable from September 30, 2016.

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The store was launched alongside the DSi, which was a revised version of the Nintendo DS that featured a slimmer form factor and improved battery life. The DSi Ware store allowed users to download smaller game experiences to play on the go.

Although it was filled with a lot of questionable third-party titles, it also contained a number of gems, including Cave Story, Flipnote Studio, and the Art Style series.

Nintendo has included an online storefront on all of its subsequent portable gaming devices. The most recent iteration, the 3DS eShop, allows users to download games ranging from small indie titles to full retail releases. DSi Ware games are also available on the 3DS.

In other Nintendo news, the Japanese company is expected to unveil its next platform, codenamed the NX, this year. Although details on the hardware have not officially been revealed, reports have suggested it will be a hybrid device that unites Nintendo's home console and portable handheld audiences.

On October 16, it was reported that Nintendo has started to send out software development kits for the NX. These kits are being sent to unspecified third-party developers so they can modify their existing games or create new ones to run on the upcoming platform.

Analysts have suggested that Nintendo will launch the NX in 2016 "because of the softness of 3DS and Wii U" sales.

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