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Nintendo Announces Game Builder Garage, A Switch Title That Lets You Create Games

The creation tool releases on June 11 and features lessons demonstrating how to make your own small games.


Nintendo has announced a new game creation title for Switch called Game Builder Garage. Much like the Toy-Con Garage mode included in the company's Labo kits, Game Builder Garage features interactive lessons and other tools that teach you how to create your own small games, which you can then share with other players.

According to the description on Nintendo's website, Game Builder Garage teaches "the basics of game design and visual programming with step-by-step lessons created by the minds at Nintendo." These guided lessons illustrate how to "program" seven different games by teaching basic logic strings. Some of the sample games the software shows you how to create include a head-to-head race and one in which you guide a ball through a maze using motion controls.

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In addition to the lessons, Game Builder Garage features a Free Programming that provides you with plenty of leeway to create your own games. If you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you can also share your games and download those created by other players. You can watch the first trailer for Game Builder Garage above.

According to Nintendo's website, you can creates games in Game Builder Garage using either buttons or the system's touch screen (if you're playing in handheld mode or on a Switch Lite). You can also use a "compatible USB mouse" when playing with your system docked.

Game Builder Garage releases for Switch on June 11. The game retails for $30 and is available to preorder now on the Nintendo eShop and other retailers.

This certainly isn't Nintendo's first foray into game creation software. As previously mentioned, the company's Labo kits for Switch featured a Toy-Con Garage mode that let you program your own small games in a similar fashion as Game Builder Garage. Super Mario Maker 2 is also available on the system and lets you design and share your own Mario levels in the style of different classic Mario games.

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