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Ninja Spirit, Blazing Lazers confirmed for Wii VC

Shinobi-style action game and vertically scrolling shoot-'em-up set to arrive next month, along with fellow TurboGrafx-16 games Ordyne and World Sports Competition.

The original US Ninja Spirit cover art.
The original US Ninja Spirit cover art.

With another month nearly in the books, Hudson has once again updated its list of TurboGrafx-16 games headed for the Wii's Virtual Console. In May, the publisher expects to see another quartet of offerings from the 16-bit-era console appear on Nintendo's downloadable game service. The slate of titles for the month consists of a pair of shoot-'em-ups in Blazing Lazers and Ordyne, as well as the action game Ninja Spirit and the Olympic-style World Sports Competition.

Originally released in 1989, Hudson's Blazing Lazers is a vertically scrolling shooter in the mold of previous Wii Virtual Console releases Super Star Soldier and Soldier Blade. Players pilot a lone ship against an alien armada, choosing from four different weapons that can be powered up multiple times.

With cartoonlike visual sensibilities and horizontally scrolling action, Namco Bandai's Ordyne offers a distinctly different take on the shoot-'em-up genre. Also released in 1989, Ordyne belongs firmly in the "cute-'em-up" subgenre of shooters.

Irem's arcade action game Ninja Spirit arrived on the TurboGrafx-16 in 1990 and featured a high-jumping protagonist mowing down waves of kite ninjas, staff-wielding monks, and boss demons with the help of a sword, various projectiles, and a handful of doppelgangers.

Released in 1992, Hudson's World Sports Competition offered TurboGrafx-16 players the chance to engage in some Summer Olympics-style fun. The game featured more than a dozen events, including shooting, rowing, swimming, archery, and track and field.

All games are currently listed with a May release window and a price of 600 Wii Points ($6). TurboGrafx-16 fans looking for something to tide them over until the next month's releases may be pleased to find that Hudson has also given the previously announced action game Shockman a Wii Virtual Console release date of April 30.

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