Ninja Returns To Twitch For First Time In Nearly A Year

The massively popular streamer drew over 100,000 viewers to his first Twitch stream in around a year, after reportedly receiving millions of dollars due to Mixer's closure.


Ninja is back on Twitch, and he's received a raucous response from viewers. Over 100,000 viewers tuned in to watch Ninja play Call of Duty: Warzone with Lupo. At one point, 60,000 viewers were tuned in at the same time. It marks his return to the platform after partnering with Microsoft and Mixer last August.

Arguably the most famous streamer in the world--he had over 14 million followers on Twitch before he switched platforms--Ninja signed a $50 million deal to stream exclusively on Microsoft's Mixer back in August 2019. However, Microsoft announced that Mixer would close earlier this summer, triggering speculation as to what platform Ninja would stream on next.

Though he briefly streamed on YouTube last month, this is the first time Ninja has streamed on Twitch in a year. According to a tweet from esports consultant Rod Breslau, as with YouTube, this Twitch stream is not the result of a deal with the platform, and both he and fellow big-name streamer Shroud are still negotiating with the different platforms.

As previously claimed by Breslau, Ninja and Shroud were offered "insane" contracts to join Facebook Gaming that were almost double their original Mixer deals, but they both turned them down. Ninja reportedly made $30 million from the buyout.

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