Ninja Gaiden Hurricane Pack Vol. II available now

Xbox Live downloadable expansion adds fiercer enemies, more outfits for Ryu.


Ninja Gaiden (2004)

Ninjas-in-training rejoice. The second in Tecmo's series of Hurricane Packs, downloadable auto-updates for the Xbox version of Ninja Gaiden, is available now on Xbox Live. The package is free for download to all who own the original game. This update to the game will feature a slew of new enemies for the next round in the Master Ninja Tournament.

The first Hurricane Pack released in early August and included a new weapon for main character Ryu Hayabusa to wield, as well as a new camera system, a new enemy (killer catwomen), a new boss, and a ramped-up difficulty level. This time around, Team Ninja has concentrated on adding even more gruesome enemies, including a cyclops with claws, an Alma-esque female demon, a hellion with a spiked back, and a portly winged male boss who throws fireballs. Early screens also showed Ryu wearing a black-and-red bodysuit with a complex metal face mask.

Check out our brand-new hands-on impressions of Hurricane Pack Volume II for more details.

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