Nicolas Cage Suffers Disrespectful Insults From His Pet Crow

A new interview gives the public many unforgettable images about the unrivaled actor's life.


In what is perhaps the most Nicolas Cage that Nicolas Cage has ever been, the actor shared in a recent interview that off-camera he lives a "goth" lifestyle and has a pet crow who insults him. You cannot make this stuff up, and the LA Times has lots more unfiltered Cage-ness in a wide-ranging profile that also touches on his career, musical tastes, and how he finds happiness.

In the piece, Cage discusses his pet crow, Hoogan, who "lives in a geodesic dome" inside Cage's home in Las Vegas. "He has taken to calling me names," said Cage. "When I leave the room, he'll say, 'Bye,' and then go, 'A**.'"

The above factoids and quote came out in the article while discussing Cage's rationale for and interest in playing Dracula in the upcoming horror-comedy Renfield. Joined by Nicholas Hoult (X-Men, The Great) in the titular role and Awkwafina (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings) in an undisclosed role, the movie expected to be a "modern-day adventure" and also a satire on toxic workplaces and unhealthy work relationships. Filming is expected to begin in New Orleans in 2022.

In related "Cage is perpetually on a laudable quest to be peak Cage," the actor's next film, The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent, is due in theaters in April 2022. Cage plays a heightened version of himself as Nick Cage--a respected though washed-up and debt-saddled actor who gets mixed up with a drug kingpin and later becomes an informant for the CIA.

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