Ni No Kuni 2 Announced as PS4 Exclusive

Level-5's quirky RPG is getting a sequel.


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A sequel to Ni No Kuni, called Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, has been announced exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The announcement was made during Sony's PlayStation Experience keynote.

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The game follows Evan, a boy king who must adventure through a kingdom swallowed by darkness and prove himself a worthy monarch. Evan is joined on his journey by a number of other characters, one of which is Roland, who is described as a visitor from another world.

The original Ni No Kuni was released for PlayStation 3 in December 2010. Developed by Level-5, it garnered much attention as being one of the first video games developed in collaboration with acclaimed Japanese movie studio Studio Ghibli.

Ni No Kuni told the story of Oliver who, after the loss of his mother, travels to an alternative world of magic and monsters to seek out his soul mate. In GameSpot's Ni No Kuni review Kevin Van Ord awarded the title a 9/10, saying it is "a stupendous game because there's so much to do in it, and because all of it is just so good."

He continued: "The hallmark of the greatest RPGs is that you don't want to stop playing them, and Ni No Kuni proudly joins that elite group of games providing such an enticing world that you can't imagine never having visited it. The only problem, of course, is that you may never want to leave."

Take a look at the PlayStation Experience hub for more announcements from the event and watch the stream here.

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