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Next Xbox code-named 'Durango' - Report

Multiple sources say Xbox 360 successor being developed under working title of Colorado city, Mexican state.


Microsoft has yet to confirm an Xbox 360 successor is in the works, but that hasn't stopped a flood of speculation from pouring in concerning it. Now, new scuttlebutt suggests the code name of the next Xbox is Durango.

Durango is reportedly only a code name, thankfully.
Durango is reportedly only a code name, thankfully.

Multiple sources reportedly close to the Microsoft next-generation team tell Kotaku that the system is currently in development as Durango. Durango is the name of a city in Colorado, as well as a state in Mexico.

A Microsoft spokesperson told GameSpot, "As an innovator we're always thinking about what is next and how we can push the boundaries of technology like we did with Kinect. We believe the key to extending the life span of a console is not just about the console hardware, but about the games and entertainment experiences being delivered to consumers. Beyond that we don't comment on rumors or speculation."

As for the next Xbox, speculation has run wild as to its form, capabilities, release date, and price. The latest rumors say the Xbox 360 successor could boast a tablet controller, play Blu-ray discs, block used games, and cost as much as $500.

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