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Next Battlefield Game Will Have A Free-To-Play Battle Royale - Report

The game is reportedly coming out in October 2025.


The next Battlefield game will reportedly have a free-to-play battle royale mode and is targeting an October 2025 release window.

According to Insider Gaming, the next mainline Battlefield game will include 64-player matches, the return of its four-class system, and an overhaul to its destruction mechanics. The story will reportedly focus on modern technology in war and set between the years 2025 and 2030.

The game is reportedly in development over at Ripple Effect and under the direction of Byron Beede, who has previously worked on leading live-service operations for Call of Duty. It also has two different game modes at the moment--a classic battle royale experience and one called "Gauntlet." This mode pits teams against each other in objective-based modes and the team with the lowest score gets kicked out after each mission.

EA confirmed that the next Battlefield game would not arrive until 2025 at the earliest. There are several Battlefield "experiences" currently in development at multiple EA studios and Ridgeline Games is the one focused on bringing single-player campaigns to the series. Game director Marcus Lehto abruptly left Ridgelines Games earlier this month, but has since clarified that he departed voluntarily.

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