New Warcraft Movie Poster Revealed at PAX East

Warcraft comes to theaters in June.


A new poster for the upcoming fantasy video game movie Warcraft was released at PAX East this weekend. This newest poster focuses on the character Draka, and director Duncan Jones is pretty hyped about it.

This is just the latest Warcraft poster that has been published recently. Many more character-focused posters were released earlier this month, spotlighting characters like Lothar, Blackhand, and Garona.

In other Warcraft news from PAX this weekend, Jones talked about why Spider-Man director Sam Raimi's original version was flawed in a "fundamental" way. He also revealed that the film will "veer off" from the core Warcraft lore in some sequences, and explained why that shouldn't worry you.

Warcraft opens in theaters on June 10.

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