Warcraft Movie Will "Veer Off" Lore in Some Sections, Director Says

Duncan Jones talks about how the movie will deviate from the core lore and why that shouldn't worry you.


The upcoming Warcraft movie from Legendary and Blizzard will "veer off" from the game's true lore in some sequences, director Duncan Jones said today during a panel at PAX East.

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He did not specify any sections in particular where this will happen, but stressed that anytime it does, it's with the full support of Legendary and Blizzard.

Whenever changes to lore were made, it was done in such a way to "make for a better movie," as determined by Legendary and Blizzard, Jones said.

Actor Robert Kazinsky, who plays Ogrim, chimed in as well. He said the changes were made "by people who know how to make a great film and tell a great story."

Had these changes not been made, Warcraft could have ended up like 1993's poorly received Super Mario Bros. movie, Kazinsky said.

Check back later this weekend for more about the Warcraft movie. The film opens on June 10.

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