New Unreal Tournament Trailer Is Pure Nostalgia for Series Fans

CTF-Face is back.


To mark the release of a big update to the new, still-in-development Unreal Tournament, Epic Games has released a new trailer packed with nostalgia for players of the first UT.

The trailer is in part a remake of the intro video for the 1999 original. It cuts back and forth between footage from that video and the new game with much-improved graphics. It even has the same dialog offering a flimsy excuse for why the game's fighting is taking place (those pesky deep space miners and their violence!).

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We also get a look at some new maps--most notably, there is a glimpse of the revamped version of UT classic Facing Worlds (aka CTF-Face). This is one of three new maps added in this week's update, which is said to be the biggest to-date. It also includes new characters, a progression system, and offline challenges.

The new Unreal Tournament is a completely free game. As announced last year, Epic is collaborating with fans on its development, and the plan is to offer a marketplace where fans can buy and sell new content (with Epic taking a cut).

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While it's not yet done, you can play the current version of the game now for free. You can download it from the official website, but you'll need to make an Epic Games account if you don't already have one.

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