New Tenet TV Trailer Teases More Of The Time-Bending Mystery

A new TV spot for Christopher Nolan's next movie provides further clues about the story.


A new TV trailer for Christopher Nolan's mysterious movie Tenet has arrived, and while it's mostly filled with footage we've seen in previous trailers, it also contains a new sequence that is particularly noteworthy.

Midway through the 30-second trailer, the character played by Clemence Poesy provides a little more insight on the time-manipulation going on in Tenet. The character played by John David Washington is shown firing a handgun, but that's not exactly what's going on. Poesy's character says of the weird world around them, "You're not shooting the bullet. You're catching it. It's inverted. Someone's manufacturing them in the future."

The second half of that sentence is new for the TV spot, and it seemingly confirms what everyone was expecting--that Tenet involves time travel or something like it.

The official description for Tenet says the movie deals with an espionage story that exists "beyond real time" but not quite time travel. "Not time travel. Inversion," the description reads.

In addition to directing, Nolan wrote the script for Tenet. The movie also stars Robert Pattinson, Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Tenet is scheduled to come to theatres on July 17, despite the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

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