New Super Mario Bros. Movie Toys Have Arrived

New action figures, playsets, R/C cars, and more based on Illumination's Super Mario Bros. Movie.


Following the massive success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie and its initial wave of toys, Jakks Pacific has unveiled a second wave of Super Mario Bros. Movie toys is rolling out at Target and other retailers over the coming weeks, and several figures are already available now.

The new batch of toys features figures like Tanooki Mario and Kamek, all-new RC cars, and playsets like Bowser's Island and the Donkey Kong arena, among many others. Let's go over all the new Super Mario Bros. movie toys dropping over the coming weeks. And if you want to pick up some of the toys that are already available, check out the selection at Amazon and Target.

Mario Rumble R/C Kart Racer

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First, you can recreate the famous Rainbow Road scene from the movie with the Mario R/C Kart Racer. The remote-controlled figure features a 100-foot range thanks to its 2.4Gz connection, and it responds to your inputs, with Mario turning his head and hands to steer, and the go-kart's tailpipe illuminates and rumbles. The Mario R/C Kart Racer is available now at Target for $50.

Super Mario Bros. 5-inch figures

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$20 each

First, four new 5-inch Super Mario Bros. figures are releasing at Target in July. The new lineup includes Tanooki Mario, Catsuit Mario, Kamek, and Racing Suit Princess Peach. Each figure comes with a unique item--such as Peach's Blue Shell item or Tanooki Mario's iconic Tanooki leaf--and features between 8-16 points of articulation. The $20 figure packs will be sold at Target and other retailers starting next month.

Super Mario Bros. Mini Figures

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$6 each

There's also a new set of 1.25-inch figures featuring Cat Mario, Tanooki Mario, General Koopa, Shy Guy, Dry Bones, and Goomba. Each figure comes with a question block that unfolds to display iconic locations from the movie, such as Tanooki Mario's mushroom field. Each figure will be sold separately for $6 each. You can buy the first wave of miniature figures as a six-pack for $36 at Amazon right now.

Bowser's Island Castle

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This playset recreates Bowser's Castle stronghold as seen in the movie. The playset features interactive pieces like a moveable jail cell, traps, and hidden pathways. It includes an exclusive 1.25-inch Bowser figure. The Bowser's Island Castle will be available for $30.

Donkey Kong Stadium

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The Donkey Kong Stadium set is based on the gladiatorial arena where Mario and Donkey Kong face off in the movie. The set unfolds to display a crowd of Kongs in the stands and includes platforms, crates, and question blocks you can use to customize the arena. The set includes an exclusive 1.25-inch Donkey Kong figure. You will be able to grab the Donkey Kong Stadium for $20.

Inflatable Bowser's Battle

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This giant inflatable Bowser is perfect for kids that want to face off against Mario's arch nemesis themselves. The figure stands 42 inches tall and includes three "fireballs" to fling into Boswer's hands.

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