New Silent Hill, Winning Eleven in the works?

Konami is urgently recruiting programmers for its Silent Hill and Winning Eleven development teams.


TOKYO--Given the popularity of Konami's Silent Hill and Winning Eleven franchises, it wasn't a question of if the publisher would make new games in the series, but when.

Apparently, that "when" will be "soon." Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo has posted a series of job listings on its Web site for new programmers for both its Silent Hill and Winning Eleven development teams. Given the fact the posts say Konami urgently requires staff to fill the positions, it's safe to assume the publisher is ramping up development for the next installments in both series. This is bigger news for Silent Hill fans, since Winning Eleven games are basically annual events already.

Additionally, KCET has begun to recruit programmers for an unnamed new project, according to the site. GameSpot will have more information on all three games as it becomes available.

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