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New screens: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Electronic Arts releases some new images from its first-person shooter, which is set in the Aliens universe.


Electronic Arts has released a few new screenshots from Aliens: Colonial Marines. The screenshots depict the space marines in a heated fight against a group of aliens. This first-person shooter takes place after the events that transpired in the film Aliens and parallels the Aliens 3 time period. A group of Marines are sent to the LV-426 colony to investigate the disappearance of another squad. Each member of the group has special skills and abilities that will come into play over the course of the game. Since it is made up of veterans and rookies, members of the group will behave differently in battle depending on their experience. Players will be able to set up different four-man formations and issue different commands to other members of the squad.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is scheduled for release in November.

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